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Do not expect Wizzcasino steer you to a particular online casino to get a bonus because it depends on how you play, bets made, the types of popular games, etc. However, we are here to help you in thinking needed to use these bonuses and choice of casino.

WBonus-casinos hat is a bonus?

A bonus is a sum of money given freely by the online casino player and maximizes playing time. Typically, the player’s bet is doubled thanks to the bonus that is directly credited to the players account. All online casinos offer players unanimously bonuses that are used to lure the player, let him discover the games and the platform but also loyalty.

The types of bonuses presented

Family bonus is very wide and there are 4 types of bonuses that Wizzcasino offers a retrospective in this topic.

1) Free Bonus: The bonus bait (optional based casinos)

The free bonuses are often offered by online casinos and are mainly intended for beginners or those who want to discover the platform of the casino. Anxious to know the casino games before you make a first deposit, beginners are assured to play with the money the casino has credited him about her « player ». Within 24 hours or 48 hours is required for the player to spend on casino games.

Generally, 10 euros or 20 euros free are available but the amount varies depending on the casino. The no deposit bonus is not always automatically credited to the casino site. Sometimes casinos require players to contact customer support (request via email or live chat) to make the request. The delay may be longer and for some players, it is a discouraging factor.

In addition, another type of free bonus is also available to players: the bonus game time the player plays with the bonus for a certain period of time and keep the gains made during the time but the conditions are. often imposed for removal of such gain. These bonuses are used to discover gaming, platform, software, and can appreciate the environment.

2) Welcome Bonus: The discovery bonus (bonus default)

Welcome bonuses are offered to players to enable them to play longer. Some casinos do not offer free bonus and welcome bonus is for many players the first bonus they receive.

We often talk about welcome bonuses that are offered bonuses as a percentage (100% bonus up to 100 euros, etc.) or fixed sums (often annual bonus). Most online casinos also offer weekly bonuses, monthly or on special operations such as Christmas, Easter or for the release of new casino games.

3) VIP Bonus and High Rollers: The loyalty bonus (bonus default)

This family of VIP High Rollers Bonus and aims to retain players by offering them advantageous terms to the rank of the player depends on the set but also the frequency of play. Sometimes it’s more interesting to make a big first deposit to to have more privileges and more attractive terms.

4) Refused Bonus: The best solution to remove its gains unconstrained

Refuse bonuses allow you to cash out whenever you want without taking into account the terms and conditions of the bonus. To accept the bonus, it is a commitment to play a number of times the bonus before requesting withdrawals (the Wagger). The advantage of the bonus is refusing to withdraw its earnings whenever you want … however, you can not enjoy maximize your playing time is not negligible.

Wizzcasino created several detailed sections for each of these bonuses, we urge you to read them in order to avoid disappointment or any last minute surprises.

The advice of Wizzcasino on bonuses:

– It is absolutely worthless to register several times on the same online casino to get the no deposit bonus by taking different names when registering. Indeed, your potential gain would be refused because the name must be the same as that of the credit card or other payment method.

– Do not under any circumstances cheat on your identity, address, age, or other piece of your identity or lose any winnings. No online casino accepts cheating or impersonation and earnings are still subject to a rigorous identity check. The casino always asked to justify your personal data in order to avoid problems ..

-It Is rarely possible to apply for free bonuses for each casino in the same group. Sometimes players have benefited from free casino bonus of the same group but it’s pretty rare.

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  • Free bonus
    All About Free Bonus and benefits to find the platform and games without spending a penny.

Free Spins Bonus
Bonus Free Spins give players the ability to play with bonuses and free for a period of time. This allows them to find the platform while keeping the gains. Excellent for beginners.

Welcome Bonus
All online casinos offer welcome bonuses to new players. Everything about this casino bonus in this section.

VIP bonus
These bonuses are VIP loyalty bonuses which have many advantages. A read to understand everything about these VIP bonus.

High Roller Bonus
These bonuses are also known as High Roller bonus « big players » and are intended for players who love the game online. Please read carefully before making your first deposit.

Refusal casino bonus
This section is very important because sometimes it is better to refuse bonus for not being subject to the constraints of withdrawals of earnings. Please read carefully.

Bonus alternative payment methods
Virtual bank accounts offer bonuses for alternative methods of payment of the order of 10% to 15% depending on the methods chosen.

Casino bonus code
Little known by the general public, bonus codes online casinos allow you to enjoy exceptional conditions that have Wizzcasino.